Summer sewing

lbi sewing


One thought on “Summer sewing

  1. suznquilts2014 Post author

    Vacationing at the Jersey shore and had room to bring my sewing machine and projects.
    A nice escape from the heat and rain. Can’t spend every day at the beach or pool. It is so relaxing to be sewing and listening to the radio.
    I had a Comfort Quilt group project that I wanted to get set together. Had collected 20 blocks from girlfriend quilters for good friend who is going through a difficult time. All blocks are signed and some have notes of encouragement.
    I went shopping at Quilting Possiblities in Forked River, NJ for the fabric to “frame” the blocks and tie it all together. Feels good thinking of all these quilters back home who made blocks for her. I’ll finish it when we return home at end of month.
    I feel rather handicapped not having all my sewing supplies here. Need more thread, more scraps, but somehow made due and “gotter done” !


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