Lay Out Board — the floor

LBI comfort quiltCollection of blocks for a Comfort Quilt. 

It’s a balancing act….. of colors and values.   No perfect solution,


Listening to books on CD

Listening to a book makes a trip or project fly by faster.   I’m listening to “On a Farther Shore” by William Souder — the life and legacy of Rachel Carson.   12 discs !   must be a long book.

I read “Silent Spring” many years ago and needed a refresher course.   She was part of the Green Revolution, one of the first environmentalists.   So much information in it.  Listening wondering if Spring will ever arrive here in Illinois.

Getter Done

Goal for the year is to Get Some Things done….. that I have already started. 

How many quilting projects are sitting there so lonely waiting for my attention??

Embellishment is another goal.   Use those buttons and other collectibles.